What is Mediation?

What is Mediation?



Mediation, a voluntary and confidential process, is a facilitated conversation between participants that leads to better understanding of their conflict. Each participant is supported to present his or her perspective until understanding by all is reached. Upon mutual understanding, we, the Mediators, navigate your discussion toward resolution of the issues that brought you to our office. The voluntary nature of the process allows you to find your own mutually acceptable agreements which are easier to abide by, and therefore provide deeper, long-lasting resolutions.


Our name says it all – Family Mediation Matters. We aim to assist families resolve any kind of family dispute, including but not limited to:

  • Couples mediation – whether to separate, divorce or stay married, or mediate one issue, for example, what to name your baby
  • Conflicts between parents and their child(ren) – whether adult or teen
  • Custody and visitation issues
  • Elder care issues
  • Adult sibling conflicts
  • And any other relationship-based disagreements


Why Choose Mediation?


Choose mediation if you want to feel heard and understood; if you want to control the outcome; if you want the least emotionally taxing and the most financially affordable process.  Choose mediation to help clarify and voice your views and to hear and understand other perspectives, all in a safe and private environment.